Doing Business with India


Our mission is to help you to do successful business in India and have effective and financially rewarding relations with Indian businesses. We help you to identify and prepare for the challenges in doing business in India so that you can achieve maximum success.

indiaThrough the provision of cutting edge cost effective training and consulting solutions and unique innovative marketing services, our vision is of a world in which your organization has the skills, knowledge and support necessary to make the most of every opportunity presented by India’s burgeoning marketplace and vibrant business environment.

At Crossroads Global we believe in delivering professional and tailored programmes that have a positive impact on your firm and provide a maximum return on your investment. Cultural synchronization is key to a successful business outcome in India.

With more than one billion people, India is the world’s second most populous country and its largest democracy. India has become a world economic power, with growth over the past three years averaging 8%. Based on purchasing power parity, it is now the world’s fourth largest economy.
  • Companies wanting to launch their product in the Indian Market
  • Companies already selling their product or service in India
  • Companies outsourcing business processes to India
  • Companies planning on offshoring their business processes to India
  • Companies in search of a distribution system in India
  • Companies recruiting personnel from India
  • Companies doing business with Indian companies
  • Companies working virtually with a team in India
  • Expatriates and their families going on an assignment to India.
  • Institutes and academies training or teaching students from India.

We have successfully helped many global organisations including Fortune 500 companies to effectively work with the Indian businesses. We are Partners in the Global Success of our clients.


The Indian Middle Class is currently over 300 million. Their increasing purchasing power and a shift to western style consumption patterns provides global companies with new market opportunities.

Our marketing consultancy services ensure that the companies target Indian audiences with the most effective and suitable marketing campaign. We recommend our cultural marketing audits to ensure a successful product launch exceeding your sales target. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation.

We offer tailor made training services for clients who wish to cover specific needs and issues of their teams or organizations. Please contact us for full details.


Expertise and focus on India Business Culture
Crossroads Global specializes in providing consultancy and training services to UK companies that are doing business or planning to expand their business in India. We have expertise in both India and the UK.

India Specific Marketing Services
Marketing is a discipline where local knowledge is critical to the success of a product or service, especially so while dealing with different cultural behaviour and values of Indian consumers.

Marketing Intelligence Services
We have a range of marketing intelligence services for companies planning to sell their products or services in India including bespoke market research, consumer trends report, focus group discussions, test marketing and competitor analysis.

Client Driven Approach (Flexibility)
At Crossroads Global, we follow a thorough needs-analysis process prior to starting our work with our clients. This enables us to offer a tailor-made programme emphasizing the areas that are most significant for the client’s business development.

Solid Commercial Experience
All of our consultants and trainers have had successful careers in international management, with work experience in various countries including India, UK, USA, Japan, Holland, Germany, France, Israel, China, Italy, Spain and the Middle East.

Access to an Extensive Authenticated Network of Associate
We work with an excellent network of experienced associates that hold amongst themselves more than two decades of intercultural experience in specialist areas such as human resources, market research, PR and training. Most of our associates have worked in both the UK and India.

About us
Crossroads Global provides India related intercultural training and marketing services for businesses in the UK. Our clients include blue chip companies as well as small and medium companies that want to gain a foothold in Indian market or are outsourcing or off shoring business to India. Our services are cost-effective and very successful.