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Excellent Programme
The programme was excellent .It helped me focus on a wide range of aspects of living... Director of a Fortune 500 company
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This an ideal workshop for staff across the board Senior HR Manager, Public Sector Organisation
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Highly Enjoyable
A highly enjoyable day . I have learnt many practical ways to communicate..... Legal Consultant of a Global Telecom Organisation
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The India Business Culture workshop the right thing at the right time for our project team. Project Manager, UK based IT services company
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Develop a greater awareness of the values, attitudes and behaviours of

different cultures


Benefit practically from the different ideas and approaches of team members

from other cultures


Benefit practically from the different ideas and approaches of team members

from other cultures


Plan and coordinate working in cross cultural teams with greater efficiency


Successful cross-cultural conflict resolution

Why attend a ‘Managing International Teams program? More and more businesses have international multicultural teams. Now more than ever, there is greater opportunity for international collaboration for global and multinational teams. The benefits this brings are obvious but less so are the frustrations, conflicts and challenges of dealing daily with individuals from different cultures. When team members understand and appreciate one another's personal and cultural styles, they generate value out of them. They are also able to create effective processes that enable all members to participate fully and be productive to the optimum.



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Managers with global responsibilities


Managers or leaders of international project teams


Teams with members from different cultures


Multinational or International Team


The ‘Managing Multinational teams’ program is extremely useful for:

Managing Multinational Teams has been designed to help you understand your international counterparts and colleagues more effectively, with strategies and tips to help you to select and integrate some of the elements of  various team members’ cultures to maximise teamwork and strengthen group performance.


“An extremely useful team building exercise. It was very interesting to understand the cultural aspects of working in a multination team”

Project Manager,

Global IT Services company



“Very interactive and interesting workshop with great practical exercises.”

Sales Manager,

Hospitality Company

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