Global Leadership

When you lead an international team or organization the challenges of Global Leadership are compounded by the need to carry a global audience with you; to build alignment, involvement and effective communication in highly complex organizations spread across distance, cultures and time-zones and where you may lack the opportunity for regular face to face contact. The critical skill is to get a diverse group of people to follow you. Adapting your leadership style to this environment can take years of trial and error. Learning from what works in other organizations can greatly speed up this process. The workshop will be particularly beneficial for Leaders who are keen to achieve global and regional objectives more quickly and effectively.

Our Global Leadership programme is a unique workshop developed by Crossroads Global, where we share our expertise gained from working with many of the world’s most successful international organizations. It successfully blends practical tools, tips and techniques with challenging exercises and ideas to enable Leaders to develop, communicate and implement an effective personal leadership strategy.

Grooming successor candidates for top leadership roles is arguably the most critical long-term priority of any company. As organizations become more global, it is increasingly important for them to focus on building the global competencies of their next generation of leaders.

Most critical global competencies fall under the general category of ‘Adding Dimensions’. This means the ability to grasp and assess different perspectives and respond effectively to new and unfamiliar circumstances. This includes a variety of qualities such as inquisitiveness, tolerance for ambiguity, and flexibility coupled with a readiness to make bold choices. In a world where the most attractive opportunities for future growth are likely to be outside of a company’s home market, leaders must be able to digest unfamiliar information and react quickly and intelligently. Fast-growing economies such as those in China, India, Russia, Brazil or parts of Eastern and Central Europe are each unique in their own way, and they are also going through enormous changes which makes them a focus for business opportunities and development.

  • Adding Dimensions: Combining self-awareness with the ability to identify practical similarities and differences in comparison with others. Seeking out new and unexpected information and balancing it with more familiar assumptions.
  • Cross-Border Relationships: Achieving goals through building and working with a strong network of personal relationships.
  • Developing Future Leaders: Spreading global competencies by cultivating leaders who will teach and inspire others.
  • Inclusive Vision: Creating a vision with both global and local appeal.
  • Building a Third Culture: Integrating the elements of different cultures to create a new shared ‘Third Culture’
  • Key high potential Executives being groomed for Global Leadership roles
  • Project Managers of International Teams
  • Leaders of Global Virtual Project Teams
  • Heads of International Teams
  • Managers of Global operations
  • Of course Leadership skills can be of benefit to all management roles not listed above

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”
– Peter Drucker