As a part of the Luxembourg Government project, we designed a unique workshop for the newcomers in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where they were introduced to various aspects of co living and working in Luxembourg.... The participants came from 100 different countries, spoke more than 60 different languages and were engaged in a wide genre of occupations. The biggest challenge for them was to settle into a new ecosystem and truly accept all its various cultural components. We set up the stage for open discussions, sharing challenges and co arriving at solutions for the same.


Accelerating Cultural Transition

We helped participants understand the multiple faces of Grand Duchy and enabled them to deal with various kinds of situations using insightful case studies. Through quizzes and open discussions we helped them understand each others' cultural profiles generating using the Crossroads Global's cultural diagonostic™.

Thriving in a new culture

Coming to a new country can be a culture shock and if not managed can lead to an unsuccessful expatriation or an uncomfortable time in the new country. Through our sessions we helped the newcomers to understand the various stages of cultural transition and ways to avoid, minimize and overcome culture shock. We also give them insightful tips and strategies on luxembourg culture and some hints from local culture experts in becoming a part of the social cultural framework of Luxembourg.

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“Extremely interactive, truly enabling and empowering session.”
– Director, Luxembourg