Cultural Learning Solutions

If you are working in international teams, or with Multicultural clients or you are a Global Manager, our wide range of Cultural Learning Solutions will give you effective competency skills for global success.

Experience Our Expertise

Structured outcome led process.

Professional culturally sensitive solutions to help identify and overcome barriers and self limiting beliefs to achieve successful performance.

Clarification of vision and building enthusiasm and motivation to change future states and outcomes.

Supportive and imaginative team and individual coaching that is based on real-life work situations.

Achievement of genuine and lasting change by generating solutions with a compelling course of action.

Access to an extensive authenticated network of trainers

Expertise in diverse global talent development.

Coaches with solid intercultural and business experience.

A diverse team with multicultural experience and fluency in multiple languages.

Cost effective and performance enhancing training solutions.

“The Negotiating With Germany Masterclass was engaging, inspiring and exciting. As a result of the very successful and helpful briefing, we are going to roll out the programme for more teams.”

Head of Business Communications

“Thank you for an excellent session, we’ve had great feedback from the attendees – fantastic job. Its been a while since I enjoyed a training session! Interactive, fun and ultimately informative and useful.”

– Director, Global Business Training

“This was an ideal workshop for staff across the board and has proved absolutely invaluable particularly for those in HR, management, staff supervision or customer services”

– Global Director, Inclusion & Diversity

“The Crossroads Global trainer was very interesting and engaging. She focused on points which were relevant to our specific needs. I’m much more confident about managing my new team in Japan.”

-Vice President – Business Development

“The workshop was well worth my time and the facilitator was excellent. The most important learning for me was to understand that there is no right or wrong in cultures, just differences and to understand why behind the differences is the first and most important step in working successfully in different cultures.”

– Director of Global Client Relations

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A short selection of our active projects, workshops and free to join webinars.

27th July 2019
Cross Cultural Emotional Intelligence

Southampton, UK

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Duration of the workshop: Two Day

Number of Attendees: 35

Name of Facilitator: Monika Chauhan Stok

  • – Available Worldwide
  • – Multilingual Facilitators Available
  • – Online Version Recommended
12th August 2019
Negotiating with China Masterclass

Glasgow, UK

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Duration of the workshop: Four Hours

Number of Attendees: 20-30

Name of Facilitator: Pradip Gajjar

  • – Registrations Open
  • – Available Worldwide
  • – Online Version Recommended
14th September 2019
Business Culture Training for Brexit


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Duration of the workshop: Full Day

Number of Attendees: 25

Name of Facilitator: Monika Chauhan Stok

  • – Free Registration
  • – Multilingual Facilitators Available
  • – Extended Programme Recommended
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