Who Should Go for this Programme?
  • Achieve business objectives through harnessing the existing potential of ALL their staff.
  • Meet their legal obligations.
  • Provides the organisation and its staff a practical guide to make an inclusive culture in the workplace.
  • Focus on overall behaviour and beliefs and its impact on interactions in workplace.
  • Review of key aspects of diversity with tailor-made approach for the concerned client.
Programme Objectives
  • Introduction to different dimensions of diversity
  • Leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage
  • Unconscious bias-Understanding stereotypes, prejudices and perceptions
  • Understanding cultural diversity for global success
  • Learning different work styles and various motivational factors
  • Creating an inclusive workplace by developing individual and group action plans
Client Quotes
“ The workshop was well worth my time and the facilitator was excellent. The most important learning for me was to understand that there is no right or wrong in cultures, just differences, and to understand why behind the differences is the first and most important step in working successfully in different cultures.”
Director of a Global Technology Company

“The workshop gave me a perspective that I was totally ignorant of-excellent information! I will recommend it to anyone wanting to optimise performance and improve productivity in a multicultural team.”
HR Director of a Global Finances Comapny