Doing Business with the UK

ukWe help you to do successful business in UK and have effective and financially rewarding relations with UK businesses. We help you to identify and prepare for the challenges and opportunities associated with doling business in the UK so that you can achieve maximum success. Through the provision of cutting edge cost effective training and consulting solutions and unique innovative marketing services, our vision is of a world in which your organization has the skills, knowledge and support necessary to make the most of every opportunity presented by UK’s business environment. At Crossroads Global we believe in delivering professional and tailored programmes that have a positive impact on your firm and provide a maximum return on your investment. Cultural synchronization is key to being effective and successful in the UK.
Since the global recession of 1990 – 1992, the UK has enjoyed continued growth and low inflation. Many overseas businesses make the UK their base in Europe, with 25% of inward investment in Europe and more than 40% from Japan, the USA and Asian countries. The UK has the least restricted business environment of all EU countries, and the least regulated marketplace and workforce. The United Kingdom earns its membership in the G8 by generating the fifth largest economy of the world. Britain is undecided about full monetary union with Europe by joining the Euro. While many large businesses favour monetary union, politically Britain is reluctant to lose its economic autonomy. Inflation remains steady at 1.6%. International trade is a vital component of the economy, with exports of goods and services accounting for 27% of GDP in 2000.
  • Companies wanting to launch their product in the UK Market
  • Companies wanting to establish a European base for their business
  • Companies seeking partnerships in the UK
  • Companies doing business with UK companies
  • Companies with International teams based in the UK
  • Expatriates and their families going on an assignment to UK
  • Overseas students coming to the UK for education.

We have successfully helped many global organisations including Fortune 500 companies to effectively work in the UK. We have also helped many business organisations from India, China, Japan and Russia amongst other countries to successfully establish their presence in the UK. We are Partners in the Global Success of our clients.


Expertise and focus on UK Business Culture
Crossroads Global specializes in providing consultancy and training services to overseas companies that are doing business or planning to expand their business in the UK. We have expertise both in the UK and the global marketplace.

Client Driven Approach
At Crossroads Global, we follow a thorough needs-analysis process prior to starting our work with our clients. This enables us to offer a tailor-made programme emphasizing the areas that are most significant for the client’s business development.

Access to an Extensive Authenticated Network of Associate
We work with an excellent network of experienced associates that hold amongst themselves more than two decades of intercultural experience in specialist areas such as human resources, market research, PR, sales and training. Most of our associates have worked in at least two other countries other than the UK and have amongst them access to business cultures such as India, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, UK, USA, Brazil and China.

About us
Crossroads Global provides intercultural training and business consultancy services global companies including overseas companies doing business in the UK. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium companies that want to gain a foothold in the UK and European marketplace. Our services are cost-effective and very successful.