Who Should Go for this Programme?
  • International assignees and their families.

  • The accompanying spouse.
Programme Objectives
  • Understanding challenges and opportunities of relocating to a new country
  • Identify ways of coping with culture shock or transition shock
  • Raise self-awareness of your needs
  • Learn how to identify and overcome cultural barriers to successful performance
  • Provide strategies and guide you to make your own action plans to thrive in the new country,
Client Quotes
“Really enjoyed the day – my fears and worries are all gone, and I am really looking forward to my life in the UK. Highly recommended!”
Spouse of a senior expatriate relocating to London, UK

“The two-day programme was excellent. It helped me focus on a wide range of aspects of living and working in Bangalore. I feel very confident of handling any challenges in this international assignment. Highly recommended!”
Director of a Fortune 500 company relocating to Bangalore, India from the UK