Frequently Asked Questions

What does Crossroads Global do?

Crossroads Global specialises in training and consulting solutions that enhance cross-cultural competencies and enable Individuals and teams to work more effectively across cultures, be more competent in global leadership and excel at working virtually and remotely. Our team of trainers, coaches and consultants provide blended learning solutions in building 21st Century Cultural Intelligence, Global Agility And Virtual Working Expertise.

How Do You Work With Your Clients ?

We work with organisations of all shape and size. Crossroads Global has a rich history and record of assisting multinational companies, specialist businesses and government bodies alike in finding solutions to complex business challenges.

With our clients we first discuss their specific requirements before proceeding with a FREE introductory session key decision makers. This gives our prospective clients the perfect opportunity to assess our professional training services and to evaluate the potential impact on their business.

Visit our Case Studies section to know more. Get in Touch to schedule your free need assessment call.

How Can I Know More About Your Services?

You can visit our following service pages on the website to know if they match your need:

  1. Cultural Intelligence – The Cross Cultural Awareness Programme is designed not only as an introduction to cultural and diversity awareness, but also a practical guide to communicating effectively across different cultures.
  2. Global Agility – Our Go Global Program™ provides both team and team leaders skills for effective communication, alignment & trust building when working globally and virtually.
  3. Successfully Managing Remote Teams – Our solutions will provide remote team leaders with the awareness, knowledge and skills to successfully participate within and effectively manage a remote team of people.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion – Diversity & Equality efforts requires awareness, understanding, empathy & commitment to  embracing diversity to leverage business success rather than a ‘check the box’ attitude.
  5. Working With Country – Crossroads Global has an extensive range of country specific programmes that provide you with valuable business culture information to help make your international business even more successful.

What Sets Crossroads Global Apart From From Similar Organisations ?

1.Structured outcome led process.

2.Professional culturally sensitive solutions to help identify and overcome barriers and self limiting beliefs to achieve successful performance.

3.Clarification of vision and building enthusiasm and motivation to change future states and outcomes.  

4.Supportive and imaginative team and individual coaching that is based on real-life work situations.

5.Achievement of genuine and lasting change by generating solutions with a compelling course of action.

6.Access to an extensive authenticated network of trainers

7.Expertise in diverse global talent development.

8.Coaches with solid intercultural and business experience.

9.A diverse team with multicultural experience and fluency in multiple languages.

10.Cost effective and performance enhancing training solutions.

I’m interested in one of your workshops. What do I do?

Please call us at + 44 (0) 20 7060 0650 or write to us at [email protected] with your company details, requirement in brief and workshop you are interested in. A member of our team will contact you shortly.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our charges vary with the kind of requirement and expertise of the trainer(s) assigned. We offer volume discount and have special prices for not for profits and start-ups. Get in touch with one of our team members to know our standard and bespoke rates.

I would like to join the Crossroads Global team. What do I do?

All our consultants are recognised authorities in their area of expertise and many of them are acclaimed speakers, working with global audiences. To know about open positions visit our careers page or write to us at [email protected] with your CV and Linkedln profile. We welcome your interest.

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