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Working with India
Crossroads Global are the best UK-based specialists on working with India.
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Excellent Programme
The programme was excellent .It helped me focus on a wide range of aspects of living... Director of a Fortune 500 company
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This an ideal workshop for staff across the board Senior HR Manager, Public Sector Organisation
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Highly Enjoyable
A highly enjoyable day . I have learnt many practical ways to communicate..... Legal Consultant of a Global Telecom Organisation
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Right thing right time
The India Business Culture workshop the right thing at the right time for our project team. Project Manager, UK based IT services company
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Cultural Awareness Programmes

“Cultural Intelligence is the most important competence for successful global business.” – Harvard Business Review

Today’s successful managers and their staff require the skills to operate in the global marketplace, to understand the cultural implications of diversity and the ability to turn cultural difference to a competitive advantage.

The growing need to negotiate and communicate effectively across cultural boundaries demands a high level of understanding of the ways in which different cultures approach issues. The sooner Cross Cultural Awareness can be appreciated, the sooner individuals develop the potential to become the international managers and facilitators of tomorrow.


In today’s multicultural society, we have to increasingly interact with people from different cultures, whether it is selling to Chinese clients or working with people from Poland. The Cross Cultural Awareness Programme is key to managing these interactions successfully. It is good to note that without an appreciation for cultural diversity, attempting to cross cultural barriers has an over 90% chance of failure.

The Cross Cultural Awareness Programme is designed not only as an introduction to cultural and diversity awareness, but also a practical guide to communicating effectively across different cultures. The Cultural Awareness Training Programme will raise the understanding and awareness of how culture impacts on an organisation and personnel. It provides the necessary foundation, framework and tools to develop competency and sensitiveness to other cultures. At Crossroads Global we realise that Cultural Awareness is an absolutely necessary tool to conduct business successfully in today’s interconnected world. Our Cultural Awareness Training is designed to provide the participants with a set of essential skills that enhances their global competencies and effectiveness.

“The workshop was well worth my time and the facilitator was excellent. The most important learning for me was to understand that there is no right or wrong in cultures, just differences and to understand why behind the differences is the first and most important step in working successfully in different cultures.”
– Director of a Global Technology Company


Our Cultural Awareness Training Programme covers all important aspects that managers need while working across cultures or in Multicultural Teams. Some of the key areas focused in our Cultural Awareness Training workshops are as follows:

  • Identifying crucial cultural differences and similarities affecting the way people from different cultures work
  • Implications of cultural differences on corporate styles and business results
  • Negotiating styles across cultures
  • Effective HR Policies in Cross Cultural Teams
  • Effective Communication Styles across cultures
  • Presentation skills in Cross Cultural Scenarios
  • Effective Sales Strategies for clients from different cultural backgrounds
  • Skills to avoid and/or to resolve conflict that is based on cultural differences
  • Strategies to work more effectively with other cultures

In today’s multicultural society and interconnected business world, every business will benefit from our Cultural Awareness Training. Being culturally aware provides a real advantage to businesses and individuals who work internationally. In fact without this awareness, huge unintentional mistakes can be made which seriously impact on doing business in other countries and in other cultures. Also, being culturally aware enables companies to get the very best from culturally diverse teams and work forces.

Both Public Sector organisations and Commercial Businesses benefit tremendously from our Cultural Awareness Programmes. In the Public Sector, a partial list of organisations that we work with in the areas of Cultural Awareness are: Job Centres, Council Offices, Multicultural Centres, Education Departments, Hospitals, Police and Health Establishments (both NHS and Private).

In the Private Sector companies that do business globally or have multicultural clients or employees from different cultures benefit from our Cultural Awareness Training Programmes. We also conduct specially designed Cultural Awareness Programmes for companies outsourcing or off-shoring their business processes to other countries like China and India.

If you are working in international teams, or with Multicultural clients or you are a Global Manager, our Cultural Awareness Programme will give you effective competency skills for global success.

“The workshop gave me a perspective that I was totally ignorant of, excellent information! I will recommend it to anyone wanting to optimise performance and improve productivity in a multicultural team.”

– HR Director of a Global Financial Services Company


Our Cultural Awareness Training Programme gives you the most essential and powerful skill set for conducting global business successfully and for working and communicating effectively in Multicultural Teams. This in turn empowers participants of our programmes to become competent at resolving conflicts. At Crossroads Global, we are aware that each client’s needs are unique and we design our bespoke programmes based on the key cross cultural competencies that are most relevant for our clients.

Our Intercultural Awareness Programmes increase cultural sensitivity in team members, build cross cultural competence in managers and improve confidence in working in a cross-cultural team. We ensure that our clients integrate cultural factor in strategic decision making to make them truly Cross Culturally successful and competent.


We have offices in the UK, Luxembourg and India. We also have professional partners in: Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, UAE, Turkey, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Russia and China.

As a well established global company we can provide Cultural Awareness Training in all parts of the world.