Diversity and Inclusion Training


The way an organisation successfully deals with the issue of Diversity & Equality is becoming essential to sustainable success in business. Those who succeed at home and in the global arena are the ones who have a positive approach to Diversity and Equality.

Leading edge corporations recognize that their ability to manage a diverse workforce is essential to:

  • achieve business objectives through harnessing the existing and the potential capabilities of ALL of their staff
  •  meet their legal obligations
  • enhance their reputation as a good employer with a global vision

The easiest way for an organisation to become proactive and begin to reap the rewards of Diversity is to integrate Diversity and Equality into the organisational vision. This means a public declaration and a commitment of people and resources to a process that can initiate radical changes. This vision has to be consistent throughout the organisation and familiar to key managers and process drivers.

This programme is designed not only as an introduction to diversity and cultural awareness, but also as a practical guide to making your organisational culture an Inclusive one. It combines a focus on personal and organisational beliefs, values and behaviours and the impact they have in our interactions at workplace, internally and externally. We also include a review of the key aspects of diversity, depending on your specific needs. This is complemented by a practical session that helps empower people to leverage diversity in a positive and successful manner.

Our programme includes dynamic sessions that enable participants to appreciate the power of managing and leading inclusively.

  • Introduction to different dimensions of diversity
  • Leveraging Diversity as a competitive advantage
  • Unconscious bias – understanding stereotypes, prejudices and perceptions
  • Understanding cultural diversity for global success
  • Learning different working styles
  • Recognising what motivates people
  • Ways in which participants can create inclusive environment
  • Develop individual and group action plans to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces

As society in the UK becomes increasingly diverse and multicultural, both large and small organizations are experiencing larger diverse workforces. All organisations in the Public Sector and Commercial Business that have a diverse workforce, or those who strive to be equal opportunity employers, will greatly benefit from our Diversity Training and Equality Training workshops.


At Crossroads Global, we understand the need to introduce and follow an integrated Diversity Training programme that is an integral part of the organisational strategy. We offer organisations keen to be an Equal Opportunity Employer consultancy on designing an effective diversity and equality strategy. This includes not only bespoke diversity management workshops but also Diversity Training for key policy makers so that the Diversity and Equality is truly adopted and implemented throughout the organisation.

We can also conduct diversity audits prior to the delivery of our Diversity Training programme. This will provide you with a clear indication of the starting point of your business or organisation.


Diversity Training aims at developing skills in managers and employees and also helps in many other ways such as:

  • To create appreciation of importance of recognising diversity
  • Awareness of different dimensions of diversity
  • Learning new strategies and skills to leverage diversity for business success
  • Practical tips for creating an inclusive environment
  • Developing a personal action plan

It is interesting to note that 40% of people entering into the workforce today are minorities. For companies who embrace people from diverse cultures they offer the advantage of language skills, negotiating skills, global and cultural awareness and new processes in addition to being able to offer and apply creative solutions to difficult and challenging problems.

Diversity is a great asset for your business and our Diversity Training will enable you to get the very best from your diverse workforce!