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Expatriation Training
Free consultation Left menu Topics Cultural Awareness Virtual Teams Working with [COUNTRY] Expat Relocation Training Global Leadership Diversity & Equality India Business Multinational Teams Courses & Seminars Testimonials About Us Video Expatriation Training Expatriation Programme – Support Your Staff and their Families The challenging corporate scenario today makes it a compulsion for successful organisations to shuffle their staff to intensify their presence as well as break multi-million deals abroad. For this very task, the best of the staff is sent abroad in an alien country to ‘Make it Big’ on the global front. Assuming that what works at home should work abroad is an assumption more harmful than favorable. The very skill set that produced wonders for your staff could lead to disastrous results due to cultural differences and various other factors. Adding to this, moving – long or short term – to an unknown country can produce huge difficulties for the family of Expats leading to massive personal stress. In order to save valuable amount of time, money and effort; it is very necessary for the selected candidate to acquire a certain skill set that will come most handy while dealing with “Cultural Shock” in a foreign country. This is easier said than done and requires expert coaching and training. We at Crossroads Global pride ourselves with having a customisable Expat Courses aimed at the modern day expat who has to deal with various stresses and uncertainty. Expatriation Programmes – WHY? It is a known fact that companies spend large amount of resources on training Expats. The benefits of such training easily overshadow the challenges. Listed below are.