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At Crossroads Global we realise that Cultural Awareness is an absolutely necessary tool to conduct business successfully in today’s interconnected world. Our Cultural Awareness Training is designed to provide the participants with a set of essential skills that enhances their global competencies and effectiveness.

Our Cultural Awareness Training Programme covers all important aspects that managers need while working across cultures or in Multicultural Teams. Some of the key areas focused in our Cultural Awareness Training workshops are as follows:

  • Identifying crucial cultural differences and similarities affecting the way people from different cultures work
  • Implications of cultural differences on corporate styles and business results
  • Negotiating styles across cultures
  • Effective HR Policies in Cross Cultural Teams
  • Effective Communication Styles across cultures
  • Presentation skills in Cross Cultural Scenarios
  • Effective Sales Strategies for clients from different cultural backgrounds
  • Skills to avoid and/or to resolve conflict that is based on cultural differences
  • Strategies to work more effectively with other cultur

Popular Programme Options

Below you can preview popular frameworks of the Cultural Awareness programme.

Full Day Face To Face Workshop

Delivered At: Client Location

Recommended For: Co-Located Teams

Number of Participants: 7-14

Suggested Duration: 6-8 Hours

Resources Included: Online Cultural Diagnostic And Personal Workbook

Virtual Module With Live Facilitation
Business Communication and understanding between virtual or remote teams.

Delivered At: Our Technology Platform

Recommended For: Geographically Dispersed Teams

Number of Participants: 12-16

Suggested Duration: 2-3 Hours

Resources Included: Online Cultural Diagnostic And Case Study Readings

Blended Learning Masterclass
Go Global Programme

Delivered At: Client Location And Our Technology Platform

Recommended For: Senior Leadership

Number of Participants: 6-10

Suggested Duration: Three – Five Days

Resources Included: Online Cultural Diagnostic, Personal Workbook And Case Study Readings

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    “The workshop was well worth my time and the facilitator was excellent. The most important learning for me was to understand that there is no right or wrong in cultures, just differences and to understand why behind the differences is the first and most important step in working successfully in different cultures.”

    Director of Global Client Relations

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