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Whether You are leading an international team or your are a global organisation the skills required both in global leadership and as a global team are compounded by the need to navigate distance, cultures and time zones without the opportunity for regular face to face contact. Our Go Global Program™ provides both team and team leaders skills for effective communication, alignment & trust building.

Key Benefits

  • Build skills and explore ways of working as a virtual global team.
  • Build on awareness of the cultural and virtual influences on our team dynamics.
  • Build relationships and trust across our team and enhance teamwork and communications.
  • Explore priorities for team foundations and provide a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Gain practical strategies for communicating effectively to achieve desired outcome.
  • Support leaders and their teams to align effectively for higher performance in their development stages
  • Structured Learning Path with online resources to create engagement and commitment
  • Empowerment of managers in a cross cultural & virtual setting. Developing the toolkit to replicate the learning with their own cross functional teams.

Popular Programme Options

Below you can preview popular frameworks of the Global Agility programme.

Full Day Face To Face Workshop

Delivered At: Client Location

Recommended For: Co-Located Teams

Number of Participants: 7-14

Suggested Duration: 6-8 Hours

Resources Included: Online Cultural Diagnostic And Personal Workbook

Virtual Module With Live Facilitation
CrossRoads Global Business Communication

Delivered At: Our Technology Platform

Recommended For: Geographically Dispersed Teams

Number of Participants: 12-16

Suggested Duration: 2-3 Hours

Resources Included: Online Cultural Diagnostic And Case Study Readings

Blended Learning Masterclass
Living and Working in United Kingdom

Delivered At: Client Location And Our Technology Platform

Recommended For: Senior Leadership

Number of Participants: 6-10

Suggested Duration: Three – Five Days

Resources Included: Online Cultural Diagnostic, Personal Workbook And Case Study Readings

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