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Whether You are leading an international team or your are a global organisation the skills required both in global leadership and as a global team are compounded by the need to navigate distance, cultures and time zones without the opportunity for regular face to face contact. Our Go Global Program™ provides both team and team leaders skills for effective communication, alignment & trust building.

Key Benefits

  • Build skills and explore ways of working as a virtual global team.
  • Build on awareness of the cultural and virtual influences on our team dynamics.
  • Build relationships and trust across our team and enhance teamwork and communications.
  • Explore priorities for team foundations and provide a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Gain practical strategies for communicating effectively to achieve desired outcome.
  • Support leaders and their teams to align effectively for higher performance in their development stages
  • Structured Learning Path with online resources to create engagement and commitment
  • Empowerment of managers in a cross cultural & virtual setting. Developing the toolkit to replicate the learning with their own cross functional teams.

Grooming successor candidates for top leadership roles is arguably the most critical long-term priority of any company. As organizations become more global, it is increasingly important for them to focus on building the global competencies of their next generation of leaders.

Leaders also need to cascate the organisational culture to their teams that are quite often remote and diverse in functionalities and cultures.This requires a variety of qualities such as inquisitiveness, tolerance for ambiguity, and flexibility coupled with a readiness to make bold choices. In a world where the most attractive opportunities for future growth are likely to be outside of a company’s home market, leaders must be able to digest unfamiliar information and react quickly and intelligently.

Our Go Global ™ Program is an international business essentials course for executives to enhance their global leadership skills.

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Upcoming Workshops by Crossroads Global

A short selection of our active projects, workshops and free to join webinars.

27th July 2019

Building Trust over distance and diversity

Paris, France

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Duration of the workshop: Two Day

Number of Attendees: 35

Name of Facilitator: Monika Chauhan Stok

  • – Available Worldwide
  • – Multilingual Facilitators Available
  • – Online Version Recommended



17th August 2019
Business Culture and Etiquette
21st Century Skills For Global Leaders

London, UK

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Duration of the workshop: Four Hours

Number of Attendees: 20-30

Name of Facilitator: Pradip Gajjar

  • – Registrations Open
  • – Available Worldwide
  • – Online Version Recommended
11th September 2019
Living and Working in United Kingdom
Introduction To Virtual Team Building


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Duration of the workshop: Full Day

Number of Attendees: 25

Name of Facilitator: Monika Chauhan Stok

  • – Free Registration
  • – Multilingual Facilitators Available
  • – Extended Programme Recommended

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Customer Testimonials

Here at Crossroads Global we help our clients to think and operate on an international scale, providing intercultural skills and coaching for leaders, managers, global teams, expatriates and employees.

“This was an ideal workshop for staff across the board and has proved absolutely invaluable particularly for those in HR, management, staff supervision or customer services”

Global Director, Inclusion & Diversity

“The workshop gave me a perspective that I was totally ignorant of, excellent information! I will recommend it to anyone wanting to optimise performance and improve productivity in a multicultural team.”

Associate Director – International Payments & Foreign Exchange

“The workshop was well worth my time and the facilitator was excellent. The most important learning for me was to understand that there is no right or wrong in cultures, just differences and to understand why behind the differences is the first and most important step in working successfully in different cultures.”

Director of Global Client Relations

“Thank you for an excellent session, we’ve had great feedback from the attendees – fantastic job. Its been a while since I enjoyed a training session! Interactive, fun and ultimately informative and useful.”

Director, Global Business Training

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