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More and more managers and employees work at a distance from one another. It is crucial to the success of virtual teams that there is clarity of roles and effective communication of responsibilities and expectations.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Stages of Virtual Agility: The Challenges and Opportunities
  • Understand the attributes of a successful remote team manager
  • Explore how to build trust with virtual colleagues and build credibility as a remote team leader
  • Develop cultural intelligence to motivate and engage your team better
  • Learn To Leverage distance and diversity to build Cross-Border Relationships
  • Communicate with greater impact by having conversations that matter with cultural sensitivity
  • Creating an Inclusive Vision with both Global and Local Appeal

Who Will Benefit?

  • Key high potential Executives being groomed for Global Leadership roles
  • Project Managers of International Teams
  • Leaders of Virtual Cross-Cultural Project Teams.
  • Heads of International Teams
  • Managers of Global operations
  • People conducting business virtually over phone or online
  • Individuals who could benefit from enhanced virtual team-working skills

When you lead an international team or organisation the challenges of global leadership are compounded by the need to carry a global audience with you; to build alignment, involvement and effective communication in highly complex organisations spread across distance, cultures and time-zones and where you may lack the opportunity for regular face to face contact. Leaders not only have to maintain high levels of motivation, engagement and creativity from a distance but they need to be considerate of teams working across different time zones and cultures to create a ‘virtual office space’ that unites and encourages great performance.

Our remote team training and global virtual team coaching will provide remote team leaders with the awareness, knowledge and skills to successfully participate within and effectively manage a remote team and work virtually. Crossroads Global brings to the table expertise gained from working with many of the world’s most successful international organizations. Get in touch with our team to learn how your current and future leaders can learn practical tools, tips and techniques with challenging exercises and ideas to help leaders to develop, communicate and implement a personal leadership strategy when managing remote teams.

Apart from cross cultural awareness courses,training and coaching programmes we conduct regular seminars, open workshops and release publications on global teams, working virtually and successfully managing across cultures.

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Upcoming Workshops by Crossroads Global

A short selection of our active projects, workshops and free to join webinars.

21st July 2019

Go Global Programme

Working in Multicultural Teams

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

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Duration of the workshop: Two Day

Number of Attendees: 35

Name of Facilitator: Monika Chauhan Stok

  • – Available Worldwide
  • – Multilingual Facilitators Available
  • – Online Version Recommended



15th August 2019

Living and Working in Germany

21st Century Skills For Global Leaders

London, United Kingdom

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Duration of the workshop: Four Hours

Number of Attendees: 20-30

Name of Facilitator: Pradip Gajjar

  • – Registrations Open
  • – Available Worldwide
  • – Online Version Recommended
3rd September 2019

The Go Global Programme™

Virtual Collaboration Essentials


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Duration of the workshop: Full Day

Number of Attendees: 25

Name of Facilitator: Monika Chauhan Stok

  • – Free Registration
  • – Multilingual Facilitators Available
  • – Extended Programme Recommended

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Customer Testimonials

Here at Crossroads Global we help our clients to think and operate on an international scale, providing intercultural skills and coaching for leaders, managers, global teams, expatriates and employees.

The idea that what seems efficient is not always effective in remote teams was a turning point for me. I make it a point to invest time in informal conversations and have been using some of the fantastic virtual ice breakers that Crossroads Global trainer provide us.

– Director of a Publicly Traded Bio-pharmaceutical Company

After attending Crossroads Global’s workshop I realised that remote team members can be huge contributors to a company’s growth, as long as you create a framework for bringing them on board and managing them in ways that set them up for success. Thanks for the tips and strategies!

– Project Manager, UK Based IT Services Company

The workshop on successfully managing remote teams by Crossroads Global is the need of the hour. People who work together in the same place, at the same time will be a distinct minority before this decade is out! I’m glad I got my team registered for the workshop.

– Chief Technology Officer, Multinational Engineering Company

The virtual workshop provided senior management  with a pathway to human and authentic leadership when it comes to managing remote teams. Everyone enjoyed the highly interactive exercises and engaging discussions in the workshop. Well done Crossroads Global.

– Head of Training and Development, International Healthcare Company 


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