Lecia, a manufacturing company at Switzerland faced the unique challenge of cross cultural virtual interaction between teams at China and Singapore on a daily basis. While executing tasks, the lack of cultural awareness hampered the overall performances. We stepped into this space to build an attribute of inclusion among the Lecia workforce and inclucate a deeper understanding about their global colleagues.

  • 2 Days Workshops
  • 2 Different Countries
  • 200 Participants


Raise awareness and develop understanding when doing business with differnet cultures

We believe that the behaviour of an individual is an outcome of various cultural influences. The theory that everything we see is just the tip of an iceberg was explored in depth. We went into the reason behind behavioural patterns and helped the teams of Lecia decipher their team members.

Understanding the pillars of cultural difference

With the help of mini case studies, videos and quiz sessions we captured the existing cultural differences among people from different countries. Discussions about attitudes towards hierarchy, status, gender and age in different cultures were executed in depth to bring out the fundamentals of what makes people so different from each other.

Leveraging cultural diversity

While diversity can lead to conflict, if optimized well, it can also enhance an entire workforce and lead to better team performance. This is because every culture has its own strengths. On this note, we co created a roadmap with the teams to utilize this opportunity and harness the potentials of every individual


Improved Virtual Performance

Increased Awareness

Optimized Teams

We successfully conducted 2 days cultural workshops for over 4 years.

We have had an attendence of 200 participants in each of our workshops. 85% total participants rated the session as helpful

"Sessions that positively impact both our personal and professional lives. Crafted with pure genius" - Team Leader, Leica