Ensuring community engagement in the
multicultural borough of Havering


At the heart of London Borough of Havering, there are about 7000 businesses set up and over 250,000 individuals from multiple nationalities thriving together. Here, the biggest challenge is to accept this ecosystem of cultural diversity and unite for the right causes.

Our Approach

We did a thorough field research and identified specific need gaps in this heterogeneous landscape of varied nationalities. We identified the areas that needed to be addressed in order to leverage this diversity and boost productivity in this space. The single insight that we arrived at was that the people need to truly understand the ‘whys’ of human behaviours for a better understanding of their backgrounds.

We facilitated an initiative for Borough of Havering on Cultural Diversity aimed at increasing engagement and participation from different communities as a part of its civic body.

Our Solutions

Killing Unconscious Bias

We brought out the biases and stigma around different countries and discussed them openly. Encouraged participants to interact with each other through games and sessions and opened them up to an ecosystem of cultural inclusivity.

Accomodating Diversity

Our videos and case studies helped them comprehend the perspectives of other nationalities and this led to discussions and free flowing conversations about accepting diversity at Havering.

Leadership Workshops

We planned to see in the thought process among the higher management at the Borough of Havering and we facilitated special sessions for them to carry the concept forward and create a ripple effect among the mass.

Feedback Sessions

We had candid conversations with participants and took feedback from each of them. A counselling session was set up that provided special attention to individuals with concerns and doubts about diversity and inclusion


Cultural Awareness

Improved Communication

Increased Trust

87% rated the sessions as extremely helpful and insightful.

97% realised a hidden potential among their own team mates.

74% of the participants could chalk out an effective roadmap.