While BDN Finance was preparing itself for the next ladder of growth, Cross Roads Global was given the brief to train the trainers. The idea was to sharpen the leadership skills of the senior management with the help of workshops to optimise the overall performance of the organisation. This is when we launched a one day executive coach program that acted as a catalyst for the company’s journey.

Our Approach

Our Solutions

Diagnostic Interviews

We interviewed the organizational leaders to customize our workshop content. We asked them in depth questions about their working styles and the challenges they were facing in the work place. We arrived at common objectives and focus areas of the organization.

Interactive Virtual Sessions

We introduced several activities that could easily build trust among the managers and inculcate leadership qualities, even on virtual platforms.Our team building initiatives were designed to be reflective and inspiring for the participants.

Co Creation of Action Plan

Our team of leadership experts conducted sessions on personal leadership and role modeling. We supported the members to arrive at a plan for building better teams and increased employee engagement.

Individual Coaching Sessions

We didn’t just stop at the workshops. Our well coordinated follow up sessions added value to the personal and professional development. We ensured that the workshops brought out the best in each of the participants and helped them develop their own styles of leadership.


Cultural Awareness

Team Alignment

Relationship Building

The leaders got personal attention in the workshops and grew perspectives on handling their respective teams. They learnt about the technicalities of enhanced performance.

98% participants went ahead to create increased employee engagement.

93% leaders found out about their personal leadership style and used them effectively.

”It was a process of self discovery and motivation“

Team Leader, BDN Finance