United Biscuits, a British multinational food manufacturer, makers of McVites’s Biscuits and twiglets was acquired by Yildiz Holding in November 2014 and became a part of Pladis. The new identity of United Biscuits extended itself inside the culture of the company and we got the opportunity to craft its reformative journey while closely impacting the cultural DNA.


While United Biscuits as a brand was professional and confident, Pladis was designed to be far more customer centric, jovial and friendly. These behavioural traits had to be percolated distinctly within the existing team of United Biscuits. We conducted half day workshops in multiple locations across different functions and levels



Leadership styles and credibility

Discussed working styles of group Vs individuals. Talked about creating a shared sense of urgency, a comparative analysis between single focus vs multi focus. The session also led to an elaborate discussion on the attitudes towards hierarchy.

Building Trust and rapport

We helped teams build trust by conducting sessions that helped them communicate across cultures. They learnt about direct and indirect styles of communication with a focus on relationship building. We got into the whys of things and explained through case studiesthe hidden meaning of various levels of multi cultural communication.

Mapping and Comparing Profiles

We helped them map and compare profiles of people from multiple culture and demographics. Understanding the gaps and learning how to bridge them could only lead to better teams with higher understanding.

Crafting strategies to bridge cultural gaps

We helped the them create their own action plans that made working together easier. Each of them were asked to come up with their own set of strategies leading to a more inclusive team.

Launching online e-learning

We began an online learning course where the employees began to use the virtual platform for self improvement and result oriented performance.


A sudden change makes everyone sceptical, however our sessions made sure that the team of United Biscuits truly embraced the transformation and realised the power of the new brand.
Our session was labelled as enlightening by the team of United Biscuits.

97% of participants rated the session excellent.

“We were immersed into a new universe in the smoothest possible way”, Mentioned a Team Leader.